General Announcement
Reference No DV-090619-54211

Company Name
D & O Green Technologies Berhad (formerly known as D & O Ventures Berhad)
Stock Name
Date Announced
Final call payment for the 22,000,000 new ordinary shares of RM1.00 each in Dominant Semiconductors Sdn Bhd


The Board of D & O Ventures Berhad (“D&O”) is pleased to announce that Omega Semiconductor Sdn Bhd (“Omega”) had on 10 July 2009 paid RM2.2million or RM0.10 being the final call payment per Dominant Semiconductors Sdn Bhd (“Dominant”) Shares.

The abovesaid call payment does not have any effect on the share capital and substantial shareholding structure of D&O Group.

Upon the payment of the abovesaid final call, Omega has fully paid up the 22,000,000 ordinary shares of RM1.00 each with a total investment of RM66 million.

Directors' and Major Shareholders' Interest

Saved as disclosed below and insofar as the Board of Directors are aware, none of the other directors or substantial shareholders of D&O or persons connected to them has interest, direct or indirect in the abovesaid final call payment :

Tay Kheng Chiong, Dr Lim Thian Soo, Lai Kin Shin and Low Tek Beng are Directors and shareholders of D&O and are also Directors and shareholders of Dominant. Goh Nan Yang being a Director and shareholder of D&O is deemed interested in Dominant by virtue of his shareholding held through Thames Electronics Sdn Bhd (“TESB”). Lim Yam Chiew, sister of Dr Lim Thian Soo and sister-in-law of Goh Nan Yang, is deemed substantial shareholder of D&O and is deemed interested in Dominant by virtue of her indirect shareholding held through TESB. Mr Cheam Dau Peng is a Director in both Dominant and D&O.

The direct and indirect shareholdings of the interested directors and interested person connected with the issued and paid-up share capital of D&O as at 30 June 2009 as per Table A attached.

Approval Required

The abovesaid final call payment is not subject to approval from any authorities or shareholders of D&O.


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