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D & O Green Technologies Berhad (formerly known as D & O Ventures Berhad)  
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D & O Green Technologies Berhad (formerly known as D & O Ventures Berhad) - Recurrent Related Party Transactions of a Revenue or Trading Nature

Pursuant to Paragraph 10.09(1)(a) of the Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad’s Listing Requirements (“BMLR”), the Board of Directors (“Board”) of D & O Green Technologies Berhad (“D&O” or “the Company”) wishes to announce the recurrent related party transaction as per Appendix A.

The principal activity of Dominant is manufacturing of semiconductor components and machineries. The principal activities of D&O are investment holding and provision of management services to its subsidiaries.

The recurrent related party transactions are made in the ordinary course of business on normal commercial terms, which are not more favorable to the related party than those, generally available to the public. Additionally, it helps the group to reduce its overhead by pulling support functions of the operating subsidiaries.

Save as disclosed, none of the other directors and/or major shareholders and persons connected to them, have any direct or indirect interest in the above transaction.

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